What’s with Mean Girls at the office?

Earlier this month in my ezine, I wrote about a recent conversation with 4 young women worried about the way they are treated by the more senior women in their various offices.

Although it appears that each of the four knows how to sustain strong friendships with other women, each believes that she is treated badly, or at least not supported, by older female colleagues. In other words, the women not only say that are they not being mentored, but they believe that their careers may be blocked by other women.

This ezine has sparked a lot of conversation. My younger friends seem to be not surprised by this phenomenon. But women closer to my age are more likely to be saddened and shocked – we have come a long way by supporting each other in the workplace.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Here’s the ezine link: http://www.clearwaysconsulting.com/ezine-archive/2010/ezine_8_3_10.htm

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Bev, a former lawyer and Fortune 500 executive, is an executive and transitions coach, and a leadership consultant with a broad and varied practice.

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One comment on “What’s with Mean Girls at the office?
  1. Emily says:

    I’m in the younger/more junior generation in the workplace… My observation has been that as women become more senior, many battle lines are drawn around issues related to parenting, part-time work, and work-life balance in general.

    More senior women can seem intimidating and sometimes antagonistic to women they feel may not support their chosen path — to me, it seems to start with personal differences, then lead to professional conflicts

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