Tips for finding Washington internships


A DC internship can be life-changing.

Want to help somebody find one?

I know so many people who say their careers were enhanced and their lives were made richer because of the time they spent working as an intern in a Washington office.  The experience can be eye-opening.  Regardless of where they work or what they do on the job, interns often grow in confidence and make friendships that last throughout their lives.

Living in Washington, we often get asked for advice about how to find internships for college students or recent grads.  A big part of the answer is networking, including with hometown organizations that might have connections in DC.  For more tips, see my  recent post for Brazen Careerist.

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Bev, a former lawyer and Fortune 500 executive, is an executive and transitions coach, and a leadership consultant with a broad and varied practice.

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2 comments on “Tips for finding Washington internships
  1. Libby Vick says:

    This is absolutely true. As a college professor I see the impact of good internships all the time. Check out the recent Chronicle of Higher Ed article on this subject. Internships are more important give students hands-on experience and skills relevant to the workplace.

  2. Bev says:

    Yep. And the trend is growing for people of all ages. Internships and fellowships are becoming an avenue for mid-lfe career transitions.

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