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Your free time activities can energize your career

A striking example of someone whose thriving career is supported by her favorite free time activity is work and finance expert Kerry Hannon. We may not have an interest that we enjoy with the intensity that Kerry adores riding. But we each have the potential to find a few entertaining weekend pastimes that can transform the attitude we take to work on Monday.

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To create a stronger career, find a bigger mission

It’s easier to keep going when you have a goal that’s bigger than yourself

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10 Tips for Being Energetic & Innovative Even When Times are Stressful

Like a lot of folks, the members of a team at an important organization are challenged to do more with less, in the midst of stressful times. They asked me to speak about ways they can keep up their energy

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Does your nagging self talk still work for you?

When I was a kid, my parents never really made a big deal about grades. In fact, I can’t recall a single time when they complained, threatened or said anything negative about my performance at school. I did get good

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Try a different way of managing New Year’s resolutions

I have begun most of my years with resolutions, and some have been more successful than others. But even when my list of commitments has been forgotten by February, the process has been worthwhile. There were periods in my life

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How do we stay motivated to change?

I’ve been coaching fulltime for about seven years, but I’ve been fascinated by transformation since I was a kid. In serious moments I’m drawn to great thinkers who encourage personal growth, but change doesn’t have to be profound to grab

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