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8 tips for inspiring employee engagement

Engaged employees are more innovative and productive. Research suggests that most workers are not engaged, but the situation isn’t hopeless. While there’s no one simple way for leaders to jumpstart a surge of workplace enthusiasm, but many small steps can help.

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Moving past an error of judgment

We all make decisions that don’t work out well. Next time you make an error of judgment at work, face it straight on, apologize for the damage you caused, and quickly refocus on making amends and finding ways to assure excellent work in the future.

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When “intelligent disobedience” is the best choice

Obedience tends to be a habit and it’s challenging to create an organizational culture where professionals don’t just habitually say “yes.” But so many scandals or tragedies might be prevented if a leadership group empowers followers to push back against ill-advised orders. In his new book, Ira Chaleff draws on guide dog training for lessons on developing the human capacity for Intelligent Disobedience

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Celebrations support a healthy workplace culture

Whether it means planning a party for the whole team, or quietly rewarding yourself for taking on a tough task, take time to shine a light on work well done. Celebrations can be a vital part of your flourishing work life and your supportive professional community.

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Try 4 tips from leadership coaches

To succeed as a leader you must know how to communicate a vision, build a network of relationships, and foster group learning and decision-making. This is true whether you’re the big boss or are just learning how to guide a team.

Leadership coaching has become a key tool for facilitating change in individuals, teams and systems. And in places where the traditional hierarchical model of management no longer works, leaders who know how to act like coaches are building cultures that allow collaboration and innovation to thrive.

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7 strategies for building executive presence

Executive presence is an elusive quality, like love and happiness, that you can’t acquire easily or directly. But there’s much you can do to appear more like a leader. You can build your presence by changing the ways you look and behave, and even how you think and feel about yourself.

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Strong women must manage the likability trap

When men are assertive and seem confident other people tend to like and admire them. But when women act the same way others may find them pushy and not likable.

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Women leaders share tips

Top Ohio women offer great advice About stepping into leadership On Friday at Ohio University I had the pleasure of moderating a wonderful panel on Women in Leadership. The three panelists, all extraordinary women, were former Ohio House Speaker Jo

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Start with Your Own Leadership Vision

Start with Your Own Leadership Vision Lately I’ve been teaching quite a few seminars on leadership. Each time I start to put together a program for a new group, I rethink the best way to introduce the topic. There are

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