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When “working hard” is a way to avoid tasks you don’t like

At times, hard work is more important than talent or education or powerful friends. But working frantically on only your favorite tasks can become a trap. Even if you spend 80 percent of your time on your top priorities, what may set you apart from the competition is the smart way you allocate the other 20 percent of your hard work.

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If political talk at work is making you crazy

Most of us agree that it’s wise to avoid talking politics with your colleagues. But this election season it seems that a rising tide of workers are complaining that it’s tough to escape from distracting, annoying and sometimes upsetting political commentary. Try these tips if political chitchat is driving you crazy at the office.

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Don’t let age bias limit your opportunities!

If you’re facing a subtle age bias, a starting point for getting past it is to understand the negative stereotypes on which it’s based. Then make it clear that the stereotypes don’t fit you. Consider these strategies for minimizing the burden of ageism.

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How to sustain a thriving career!

In work, as in life, things usually are either getting better or getting worse. Nothing stays the same for long. So when things are going well, savvy careerists don’t just sit back and let the good times roll.

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