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If political talk at work is making you crazy

Most of us agree that it’s wise to avoid talking politics with your colleagues. But this election season it seems that a rising tide of workers are complaining that it’s tough to escape from distracting, annoying and sometimes upsetting political commentary. Try these tips if political chitchat is driving you crazy at the office.

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Learn how to accept tough feedback

It’s normal to feel defensive when people criticize you. But feeling insulted is painful and doesn’t get you anywhere. It might even hurt your career. With practice you can choose to let go of your hurt feelings and refocus on the work product or concept under discussion.

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Moving past an error of judgment

We all make decisions that don’t work out well. Next time you make an error of judgment at work, face it straight on, apologize for the damage you caused, and quickly refocus on making amends and finding ways to assure excellent work in the future.

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6 ways to get more from meetings

If meetings are part of the job, complaining about them is at best a waste of time. Instead, create your own plan for getting as much as you can from the hours spent around a conference table.

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Don’t let age bias limit your opportunities!

If you’re facing a subtle age bias, a starting point for getting past it is to understand the negative stereotypes on which it’s based. Then make it clear that the stereotypes don’t fit you. Consider these strategies for minimizing the burden of ageism.

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Bored at work? Make new choices!

Are you finding your job to be tedious? If so, you don’t have to wait to be rescued. You can do something about it. You can shake things up, in a good way, with anti-boredom strategies like these.

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4 strategies for handling 9 types of annoying email

It’s not just that you’re getting too much email. A bigger deal is the way it can ruin your mood, contribute to a toxic environment and change the structure of your work life. But there are ways to handle it.

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You can manage your “impostor syndrome”

You CAN learn to accept compliments and allow positive feedback to help you grow

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Know which tasks are Tier #1

Have too much to do? Take off the pressure by setting some priorities.

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How’s your calendar? Is it on paper or electronic?

A nice long piece in the recent New York Times Sunday Style section looked at paper versus electronic calendars.  Writer Pamela Paul said “it would take cold hard cash” for her cross over from her paper-based personal organizer to a

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