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When “working hard” is a way to avoid tasks you don’t like

At times, hard work is more important than talent or education or powerful friends. But working frantically on only your favorite tasks can become a trap. Even if you spend 80 percent of your time on your top priorities, what may set you apart from the competition is the smart way you allocate the other 20 percent of your hard work.

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6 ways to get more from meetings

If meetings are part of the job, complaining about them is at best a waste of time. Instead, create your own plan for getting as much as you can from the hours spent around a conference table.

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How to be a true professional

To call someone “professional” suggests they belong to the highest tier of performers in their line of work. The term “professional” encompasses a list of attributes that add up to the gold standard of career excellence.

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How to sustain a thriving career!

In work, as in life, things usually are either getting better or getting worse. Nothing stays the same for long. So when things are going well, savvy careerists don’t just sit back and let the good times roll.

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7 strategies for building executive presence

Executive presence is an elusive quality, like love and happiness, that you can’t acquire easily or directly. But there’s much you can do to appear more like a leader. You can build your presence by changing the ways you look and behave, and even how you think and feel about yourself.

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Bored at work? Make new choices!

Are you finding your job to be tedious? If so, you don’t have to wait to be rescued. You can do something about it. You can shake things up, in a good way, with anti-boredom strategies like these.

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Have goals? Measuring progress gets you there faster!

It can be motivating to have a broad, enticing vision, but it can also be daunting. Sometimes people put off their biggest objectives and most exciting projects because they don’t even know where to begin. To get started and keep moving toward your goals, think about ways to establish specific benchmarks and measure your progress.

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Stiletto Networks are energizing women professionals

Tens of thousands of professional women are meeting regularly, reaching across generational and institutional lines, and sharing information, advice and contacts.

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Try these tips for managing your habits

If you’re ready for a career or lifestyle reboot, a good starting point is to create better habits. Each new habit can make you a little bit healthier or more productive.

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Know which tasks are Tier #1

Have too much to do? Take off the pressure by setting some priorities.

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