Year: 2016

8 Keys to Career Resilience

  8 Ways to Boost Your Career & Support the Life You Want It’s been almost a year since Career Press published my book on creating career resilience, Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO. Being a first-time author

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If political talk at work is making you crazy

Most of us agree that it’s wise to avoid talking politics with your colleagues. But this election season it seems that a rising tide of workers are complaining that it’s tough to escape from distracting, annoying and sometimes upsetting political commentary. Try these tips if political chitchat is driving you crazy at the office.

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Your free time activities can energize your career

A striking example of someone whose thriving career is supported by her favorite free time activity is work and finance expert Kerry Hannon. We may not have an interest that we enjoy with the intensity that Kerry adores riding. But we each have the potential to find a few entertaining weekend pastimes that can transform the attitude we take to work on Monday.

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Ideas for recreating your life

In her new book, NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty shares the story of her own middle age challenges. And she looks at fascinating new research that may inspire you to fine tune your middle years and beyond.

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How to help promote a book

These days launching a book can seem more like a group happening than a business transaction. It can be fun to be part of it all, and gratifying to step up to support a writer whose work you admire. See 7 tips for getting started.

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8 tips for inspiring employee engagement

Engaged employees are more innovative and productive. Research suggests that most workers are not engaged, but the situation isn’t hopeless. While there’s no one simple way for leaders to jumpstart a surge of workplace enthusiasm, but many small steps can help.

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Whatever your job, providing effective customer service is the way you leverage the full value of all your hard work. And good customer service starts with listening to the people you serve, including your bosses and colleagues.

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