Year: 2015

Tidy up that data overload

There’s a particularly burdensome type of clutter in today’s workplace: the vast, unending flow of information that may seem urgent but can leave us feeling exhausted and more confused than ever. If the daily barrage of data leaves you more overwhelmed than enlightened, it may be time for a cleanup.

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Need new energy? Clear some clutter!

Clutter can waste your time, drain your energy, repulse your friends and colleagues, and block your efforts to move forward. If you take time to tidy up, you may reduce your stress, clarify your focus and generate a burst of energy.

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Being aware of your time focus can boost your career

People with a positive and balanced perception of time tend to be effective performers in the workplace. And simply noticing ways that you focus on the continuum of time – yesterday, today and tomorrow – can make you more productive.

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Learn how to accept tough feedback

It’s normal to feel defensive when people criticize you. But feeling insulted is painful and doesn’t get you anywhere. It might even hurt your career. With practice you can choose to let go of your hurt feelings and refocus on the work product or concept under discussion.

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Moving past an error of judgment

We all make decisions that don’t work out well. Next time you make an error of judgment at work, face it straight on, apologize for the damage you caused, and quickly refocus on making amends and finding ways to assure excellent work in the future.

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When “intelligent disobedience” is the best choice

Obedience tends to be a habit and it’s challenging to create an organizational culture where professionals don’t just habitually say “yes.” But so many scandals or tragedies might be prevented if a leadership group empowers followers to push back against ill-advised orders. In his new book, Ira Chaleff draws on guide dog training for lessons on developing the human capacity for Intelligent Disobedience

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Smart entrepreneurs know the power of communities

Being active in communities can help your career to thrive When I meet new clients, it’s sometimes easy to spot the ones who’re enjoying resilient careers. Whether they’re solopreneurs creating their own thing, or professionals making their way through large

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8 vital tips for starting a new job

Whether you’re joining a different organization or changing slots in the same outfit, you can ease your entry into a new position by creating a plan that reflects basic principles of workplace success.

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6 ways to get more from meetings

If meetings are part of the job, complaining about them is at best a waste of time. Instead, create your own plan for getting as much as you can from the hours spent around a conference table.

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Tips for talks that keep them engaged

Speeches are shorter and the audience of today is much more visually oriented. And, for better or worse, the younger the audience the more they expect an element of ‘entertainment’.

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