Year: 2013

Start 2014 with resolutions that work

If you want New Year’s Resolutions that make a difference these simple tips can help.

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Is it time to rethink your organizational systems?

Even if you’re a naturally organized person, the systems you use for staying on top of things may occasionally need some maintenance. Your work process is like your car. Even if it seems to be running pretty well, a regular tune-up is a good investment.

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Bridge age and expertise gaps with mentoring that works both ways

Here’s what can make mentoring really hum: fostering relationships that work both ways. And there’s no need to wait for mentoring relationships to mature over the years into bilateral dialogues. Why not seek relationships, or create programs, which from the very beginning are dedicated to reciprocal mentoring?

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Tips on enjoying your career until 80 and beyond

As you think about the kind of life you want down the road, consider the examples of people who have struck an appealing balance in structuring their careers. And whatever your age, I hope you find some good ideas among these lessons from a 92-year-old artist.

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Say “thank you” when they praise your work.

When you don’t know how to accept a compliment on your work, you make others uncomfortable and undercut your own achievements. But it’s easy to learn how to accept a compliment on the job.

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Stiletto Networks are energizing women professionals

Tens of thousands of professional women are meeting regularly, reaching across generational and institutional lines, and sharing information, advice and contacts.

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Create boundaries, yet go with the flow

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Successful people listen & manage their emotions

Just how do some celebrities, business leaders and others rise to the very top of their chosen fields? The authors of “They Art of Doing” say super achievers share key traits and practices.

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Try these tips for managing your habits

If you’re ready for a career or lifestyle reboot, a good starting point is to create better habits. Each new habit can make you a little bit healthier or more productive.

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Wondering about your next act? Ask: who needs something?

Gen. Robert E. Lee’s extraordinary encore career, following his crushing defeat, exemplifies one of the most important attributes of resilient careerists: When one path leads to a dead end, they dig deep, focus on a big goal, and start taking steps.

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