Year: 2009

Try a different way of managing New Year’s resolutions

I have begun most of my years with resolutions, and some have been more successful than others. But even when my list of commitments has been forgotten by February, the process has been worthwhile. There were periods in my life

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How do we stay motivated to change?

I’ve been coaching fulltime for about seven years, but I’ve been fascinated by transformation since I was a kid. In serious moments I’m drawn to great thinkers who encourage personal growth, but change doesn’t have to be profound to grab

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Little Steps Can Take You To Big Places

My parents are New Zealanders, with deep British roots. When we were growing up, English-style tea parties were the family’s standard form of celebration. Even the smallest child was free to enjoy a cup of tea, loaded up with lots

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Start with Your Own Leadership Vision

Start with Your Own Leadership Vision Lately I’ve been teaching quite a few seminars on leadership. Each time I start to put together a program for a new group, I rethink the best way to introduce the topic. There are

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